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July 25, 2013 / erin

Day 63

Geesh, when does school start again?

With the heat and high humidity, and a to do list about a mile long, we are all getting on each others nerves.

Jess has (re)learned to tie her shoes. I know what you’re thinking. You are thinking, “what?! Isn’t she like 12? Shouldn’t she already know?!” I quite agree, but there is a story behind it.

Back in the first grade, we felt that Jess needed some additional Occupational Therapy, but the school did not agree. So we took Jess to an OT on our own. I think she really benefited from it, and she loved it. The last task she had in OT was to tie her shoes. Tie her shoes and she would “graduate”.

Jess didn’t like that. She didn’t want to graduate, so she absolutely refused to tie her shoes. (Even though I’m pretty sure she could at the time.) We ended OT anyway. She would have nothing to do with shoe tying, until just recently.

So, this summer I made her a deal; if she learned to tie her shoes and could do so quickly and consistently, I would pay her. See, she’s decided she has just got to have an iPad. I told her I would not be buying her one, and if she really wanted it, she would have to buy it herself.

So she has been saving all summer, and she won a small cash prize in an NFB young writers contest for two winning entries. Plus she has a birthday coming. It looks like she has a pretty good chance of saving enough for her iPad.

Speaking of accomplishments, James decided that he wanted to stop wearing diapers and start wearing underwear, so he has been making some progress in being totally toilet trained. Thank goodness because I was starting to worry that he would never want out of diapers.

I am slowly reclaiming the house from chaos. I think we are now officially skink-free.

James herded a couple of these inside last week and we’ve had a time trying to catch them. Of course, to James, it has been the best game ever.

I’m trying to get things in order before August. The first weekend in August is reunion time for BOTH sides if Nate’s family, and they are both local. My goal is to get the house at least halfway presentable.


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