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August 14, 2013 / erin

The 7th Grade

Today is the first day of school for Jess.
7th grade, watch out!


These first few weeks back should be…let’s say, interesting. There will be changes, and changes are usually rough for Jess. There will be new teachers who will need a little training as we screw up their prep routine. ( I’m sure they love that, but we strive for good communication to make it as painless as possible.)

She goes from class to class like normal, and her classes are all “mainstream”, “regular” classes, with a few exceptions. Her math class is one on one, because Braille math is a bit more complicated. Her study hall is class time with her Teacher of Vision Impairment. Also, once a week she has Orientaion and Mobilty with her instructor, which typically takes her out of a gym class or a special rotation class.

Oh, there is also “Shortcourse” where she attends the school for the blind a week at a time, but I can sense you’re starting to nod off, so let me get back to topic.

School works a little different for Jess. Jess has a sort of manager at school. A teacher that she checks in with at least once a day, handles/oversees any discipline actions that need to be taken, that makes sure all materials that travel to Shortcourse are ready to go, and at least this year, was to be Jess’ math teacher.

Jess has had absolutely wonderful teachers that have filled this role. She was due to have the same teacher as last year. Except a week and a half ago she resigned.

Don’t misunderstand. This woman is a truly wonderful person who loved her job and her students. This lovely woman has had a truly awful, life-changing summer. She will be sorely missed, and wish all the best for her.

But, back at school things are a mess. I have no answers on how this is going to come together. We are all scrambling. A new teacher was hired on Monday. I have high hopes, but I may need to pick up a bottle of tequila to make it through.


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  1. carma / Aug 14 2013 5:56 PM

    According to science alcohol is a solution. 😉

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