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September 10, 2013 / erin

Things to come

So how did it become September already?

Got back to work on Nate’s Dr. Who scarf. The other day he was checking the length, he was pleased it was almost done.
“Almost done?! I’m just over the halfway point!”
Nate’s decided his scarf will be a shorter version.

Speaking of work, Nate fixed me 50 year old Pfaff 360 sewing machine. I am very pleased, but I cannot find to bobbins, so I had to order more. Only having one bobbin to work with has slowed me down considerably.

September also means its time to start figuring Christmas. I know, I know, but I have to be realistic on what I can get done in time, and what needs to be bought.

Speaking of purchases, I bought yarn yesterday for two very special projects due in May.

Color way: turquoise treasure
Purchased: treasuregoddess’s shop via etsy
Project: retro rib socks for the groom

Color way: the silver lining
Purchased: oinkpigment’s shop via etsy
Project: shawl yet to be determined for the bride


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