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September 26, 2013 / erin

Show and Tell

Nate’s 72% of a Dr. Who Scarf. Once he checked the length, he requested I stop.
Yarn: naturspun sport
Pattern: here
Comments: easy enough, just a much bigger project then one would think

Improvised crocheted cowl.
No pattern. Odd ball yarns

Crocheted scarf.
Moochi plus and Malabrigo

The bridal shawl pattern has been chosen.
Yarn: “The Silver Lining” from Oink Pigments
Pattern: a circular shawl with diamond edging from VICTORIAN LACE TODAY

Could the 10 stitch blanket be almost done? Well, it could be, if I would weave in ends and possibly put an edging on it. Instead we have a little embroidery. (Hello, my name is Erin, & I have “Crafter’s ADHD”.)
We won’t mention all the knit socks waiting for mates.
I officially packed up James’ diapers the other day. I’m not sure what I will do with them. Part if me is a little nervous about getting rid of them. We’ve decided that we are done, but sometimes things don’t go according to your plan.

Jess is up in Indy this week. Because of her confirmation schedule, I took her up Monday morning. Normally she goes up Sunday evening but due to Jess going through confirmation this year, her schedule is a bit mixed up. Sunday evening the calls started coming in on her phone as her friends arrived at the School for the blind and she had not arrived yet.
Monday morning Jess was full of nervous excitement. She loves going. Thankfully, she does not yet love it enough to want to go full- time. I’m not ready.


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  1. Carma / Sep 27 2013 6:14 PM

    You, dear heart, are a tease.

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