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February 1, 2014 / erin

It has to.

Today I woke at 6:30 in a panic, manically trying to wake the house, because we had all overslept. Then I was informed it was in fact Saturday.

Feeling foolish, with a 3 year old that was wide awake now and was in no way going back to sleep, I got up and faced the day. Today I had no piano lessons, as I usually do on Saturdays, so I thought I would get caught up in the kitchen.

First thing, I decided that the remainder of our pears that were going soft, were going to become cardamom pear chips, and I set about slicing them and setting them in the dehydrator.

That was when I did it. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. In trying to get a particularly stubborn pear through the mandolin slicer, I accidentally sliced off the tip of my finger.

It hurt. A lot. And bled. A lot. It in fact would not stop bleeding, so with a dish towel wrapped around my finger and me squeezing the holy hell out of it, to keep pressure on the cut, we all loaded into the truck, and Nate drove us to the ER.

By the time we got there, the towel was stuck to my finger and it took soaking the towel under the faucet then ripping it free, to get to my finger. There was nothing to stitch, so the plan was to stop the bleeding, and get it bandaged so that it could heal over.

So that’s where it stood and once it was all under control, I was released.



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