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February 17, 2014 / erin

Braille Challenge

6 years ago Indiana started holding a regional Braille challenge. We attended that year and every year since, but this year the weather was definitely against us.
Friday, I took Jess out of school and we headed up to Indy early. Good thing too, because if we had waited any later to leave we would not have gone. We drove through a snow storm. A 3-3.5 hour trip under normal circumstances took us over 5 hours.
We made it though, and sticking with tradition, we ate at Five Guys, which we do every Braille Challenge weekend. Which was great, because Roz was working.

Now, Roz was working there 6 years ago, when we went there for our pre-Braille challenge dinner, and she and Jess hit it off instantly. She was there Friday, and as we walked through the door, we heard Roz yell, ” There’s my girl!” Mind you, we get to this restaurant once a year.
So we caught up with Roz, who told us if we ever stop in and she is not there to ask whoever is working to call her, because she lives just down the block. How sweet is that?

So after our wonderful Five Guys dinner. (We love that place) we traveled on to our hotel. What’s nice is a lot of the Braille Challenge participants were also staying at our hotel, and the kids all got to go swimming and catch up with each other. Some of the kids, who come from all over the State, only get to see each other during this weekend.

Saturday morning kicked off a Dr. Suess themed Braille Challenge.
One of the teachers dressed like the cat, and stayed in character for the little kids. There was a photo booth. (The pictures will be sent.) As our students did their best in the testing rooms, the families were entertained with a story teller, a local couple that write and illustrate children’s books, a craft, and instruction in tactile illustrating, and advice from the school’s home ec teacher on how to organize your kitchen and help your blind child play a bigger part in the kitchen.

It was a great weekend, that we all enjoyed. Now we wait. Indiana will post results on the next week or two. The those who qualify for Nationals will be notified in May.


In 2012 Jess went to nationals in LA. This year, I think everyone in her testing group has been to nationals at least once. (Indiana represents well at the national level.)


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  1. lorainestevens3094 / Apr 8 2016 5:53 AM

    an excellent post, and a cogent extention of the post on Bryan’s site. I loved your ending, and want to underscore its significance. Come on

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