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May 22, 2007 / erin

what’s afoot?

Team Piddleloop‘s collaboration kits were a big success, and I hope everyone enjoys the pattern.

What was that?  You say you would like the pattern but were unable to obtain a kit?  Have no fear,The Feather Plukin’ sock pattern will soon be in the Piddleloop shop as a downloadable pattern.

Now that our dumpster has arrived,  I’m off to buy some 1/2" elastic (what’s that for? Any guesses?), and pick up my own kit.  (squee!) 

In the meantime, here are a couple finished objects.

The finished Mary Janes.  Only after I finished them did I realize how very Miami Dolphins they are. (Pay no mind to the stubble.)

Yarn:  Lamb’s Pride worsted.  Exact colors unknown. (no more ball bands.)
Pattern: My own.
Notes: No buttons on these. I stopped the strap when it called for the buttonhole, and sewed it to the other side.




Yarn: Lamb’s Pride worsted.  Exact colors unknown. (no more ball bands.)
Pattern: House slippers from Knit2Together.
Notes:  A very simple and easy pattern, but it seems to me, (and this could just be the insomniac knitter’s fault.) that in effort to make the pattern easy, by being very in depth on some steps it was just made more confusing.



  1. Suz / May 22 2007 5:23 PM

    Um, the elastic will be used in conjunction with some duct tape and two sets of velcro closures…
    Using duct tape, create two cuffs…one adult sized, one child sized. Adhere opposite velcro sections to each end of wrist cuffs. Connect duct tape cuffs to one another using desired length of 1/2 inch elastic.
    To use device: Go to Mall or store of your choosing. Apply one cuff to your wrist, the other to Jess’ wrist. Viola, no more lost child! 😉

  2. wendy / May 22 2007 8:54 PM

    You’re attaching elastic to all your yarn so when someone trys to throw them into the dumpster it magically springs back into it’s proper place. Right? I thought so.

  3. carma / May 22 2007 10:38 PM


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